Dynamic Earth Portraits - Dynamic-Earth-Photography

It is  OFFICIAL, I am now adding portraits to the services that I offer.  It has been a long time coming, never quite happy with my previous work, but after much practice and coaching from mentors , it is time!!  

So here is what I am offering now and what will be coming in the following months.

 -Family Portraits

-Senior and Individual Portraits

-Professional Head-shots

-Pet Portraits (coming in Spring of 2017)

I know times are tough on the budgets, so I will do this a bit different than others.  I want to leverage technology to keep costs down. So let me explain how this will work.

1)  Once you determine what type of portrait work you want, then drop me an email at dynamic-earth@rainierconnect.com  

2) We will coordinate the time, place and deposit for the shoot.

3)Once deposit is received everything is then booked and 

4) On the scheduled date, we create the images!!

5) I process the images and upload to your own private page on this website.  

6) I will email or text you the link and password to the private page.  I will also provide information about the types of images (sizes, mounts..etc) to assist with your purchase decisions. This page is configured with the ability order those specific images you want.

7)  You order any number of images that you want of your prints.  I will send you an email with a date you can expect your prints at your door.

8) You will receive your images in a matter of days.

You know how it works, now you want to know what it costs.  For all portrait shoots scheduled  and done in  January and February I am offering an introductory price.  That introductory price will be $225.